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WEBINAR [Road Safety] New focus on infrastructure design thanks to on-board data


Reducing the number of accidents on the road a priority target for society as a whole. Technological innovations now make it possible to collect and use data from near misses, to help act preventively on the infrastructure and thus prevent real accidents from occurring. We offer you feedback on ANAIS, a preventive management tool for road assets designed to improve road safety which has been up and running in France’s Eure-et-Loir County since 2018.

Stakeholders :

  • Christophe Nicodème (ERF): Prevention as part of an asset management approach
  • Guillaume Bertrand (Mobility by Colas): Case study with ANAIS
  • Stéphane Cherrier (Departmental Council 28): Feedback from the Eure-et-Loir County

Watch the October 13 replay (in french) >