mobility services

Mobility service operators

The objective of mobility operators is to support the development of localities and regions by offering users (employees, local residents, students, tourists, senior citizens, people with reduced mobility and professionals in transit working in urban or suburban areas) economically viable services that meet their needs. This support is of course consistent with the local and regional sustainable development issues (reducing the energy balance of buildings, sharing space, decarbonising mobility, making urban centres more accessible, etc.) and is in line with legislative and contractual obligations.

In this context and supported by the entry into force of the Loi d'Orientation des Mobilités (LOM - Mobility Orientation Act) in 2019, the concept of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) makes it possible to work in an ecosystem with all public or private stakeholders. 

Through its Moov'Hub service, Mobility by Colas assists localities and regions to diagnose the use of all forms of mobility, to develop multimodal mobility services and to adapt the resulting public areas. Mobility by Colas is clearly positioned as a neutral partner for stakeholders to integrate and operate MaaS commercially. It is a unique cross-cutting approach between existing mobility services and the new private alternatives.

The Moov'Hub approach requires us to be in contact with all mobility operators: public service delegate operators (DSP) or private operators (car pooling, transport on demand, self-service mobility, taxis, etc.). For the latter, it is a real opportunity for deployment and growth via a digital exposure and complementary sales channel on the scale of the area involved, supported by Mobility by Colas. The inclusion of private operators in the local and regional MaaS service is also facilitated by various technical and contractual integration procedures to help take them on board. 
Moov'Hub thus provides mobility service operators with flexibility and territorial visibility and gives local authorities the ability to quickly adapt their mobility services for users. The Moov'Hub platform integrates services by simplifying the constraints on the interface with mobility service operators while preserving the essential sovereignty of the Mobility Authority.