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The Cher Department deploys the ANAIS service with Colas


This Wednesday, October 13th 2021, on the occasion of the French National Road Safety Day, Colas launched the ANAIS service on the Cher department in the presence of Daniel Fourré, Vice-President of the Departmental Council of Cher and Etienne Gaudin, Director of Operations, Director of Sustainable and Smart Mobility Infrastructures of the Colas Group. 

Virginie Sroczynski, Sales Manager at Mobility By Colas and Guillaume Bertrand, Product Manager at Mobilty By Colas were then able to present the deployment of the ANAIS solution for the preventive management of the departmental road network of Cher. 

Finally, Laurent Richard, Head of Road Management Department for the Council of the Department of Cher explained the organization for the establishment of the service in the community.