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Mobility by Colas provides a new service to road asset managers: geolocated alerts on pavement deterioration


Mobility by Colas expands the range of services available on the ANAIS decision-making platform for road asset managers. A new alert service for abnormal pavement deterioration is now available, in addition to the historical alert service for road safety events alerts.

ANAIS provides new alerts on variations in the condition of the road, based on high frequency data and will allow to visualize on a map the areas where the road is deteriorating. ANAIS will trigger a prioritization of the areas to inspect and recommendations for interventions.


Relevant alerts will help road asset managers to intervene more quickly on sites that have suffered an anormal deterioration in pavement quality in the last few months. Early recognition of variations reduces the cost of maintenance, and therefore the associated carbon impact, and facilitates preventive management of road assets.

This new service will also allow road asset managers to optimize the use of equipment and agents' time by defining optimized patrol routes.

ANAIS reconciles long term stakes through targeted investments, with short term constraints through the optimization of operational processes and operating expenses.

Finally, ANAIS brings a new indicator, complementary to the Road Safety Indicator, in order to quantify and follow the evolutions by area and by route. It contributes to the notion of level of service that is reached thanks to focused investments of the road asset managers.

"Mobility by Colas brings a new strategic component to the ANAIS tool for more sustainable, safer and more resilient road infrastructures, thus contributing to the emergence of a dynamic digital twin for road managers. We are providing a complementary view of road use and a response to the climate challenges that are disrupting the management of local authorities' assets," emphasizes Fabrice LURIOT, Director of Mobility by Colas.