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La Seine Musicale - Improve the accessibility of La Seine Musicale impacted by the works of the Grand Paris

Located on Seguin Island, close to the RD1, La Seine Musicale hosts major events and a prestigious artistic program.  Mobility by Colas studied and characterized the specific context of this place (access, flows, users, infrastructures) to propose concrete and innovative mobility solutions whose implementation should facilitate the arrival of the public as well as professionals.


As part of the development of the Grand Paris Express, the creation of the future station of the Pont de Sèvres entails a complete closure of a section of the RD1 for an initially planned period of 3 years. In this context, La Seine Musicale has entrusted Mobility by Colas with a support mission to improve the accessibility of the place, in general and also more particularly in this context of works.


  • Promote alternative modes of transport to private cars
    • Promote and facilitate the arrival by public transport, self-service vehicles, and carpooling
    • Financially encourage the use of taxis/ vtc through partnerships
    • Set up a dedicated autonomous shuttle service (experimentation)
  • Thin and dilute surrounding road traffic
    • Enrich and improve road staking to better guide users
    • Distribute vehicle flows between different car parks according to their place of origin
  • Develop the parking offer
    • Integrate partner parking offers at the LSM box office
    • Offer new alternative parking solutions

In addition to these proposals, Mobility by Colas provided La Seine Musicale with ready-to-use deliverables to solicit local authorities (city, agglomeration community, department) on the development of public space in its area of influence:

  • Study report - Road staking
  • Study report - Pedestrian staking


Many innovative services and technologies have been proposed: