mobility services

SPL Lyon Part-Dieu - Regulation of truck flows generated by major construction sites in Lyon Part-Dieu

Mobility by Colas coordinates the logistics of the "last mile" of construction sites around the Part-Dieu station in Lyon and provides its common service of organizing deliveries in "just in time", Qievo (renamed Reguly in white label) at the SPL Part-Dieu, the Métopole Grand Lyon and the City of Lyon.


Nearly 50 major projects take place over a period of 5 years around the Part-Dieu station, generating considerable impacts on traffic and more broadly the quality of life in the city of Lyon. These sites will have to be delivered efficiently, but also generate a minimum of nuisance for people living or circulating in this area, in order to be accepted. 


  • Reduce the impact of site logistics.
  • Avoid annoying truck parking around construction sites.
  • Soothe the delivery driver's job.
  • Improve safety for local residents.


Qievo's approach, named Reguly for this project, is based on a central control station operated by agents in liaison with construction sites and delivery personnel. Its ecosystem approach breaks down the barriers between logistics, traffic management and infrastructure.


  • An application for drivers/delivery personnel, informing and redirecting them in the event of unforeseen events (traffic, worksite, etc.).
  • Management of flows linked to finishing work: parking and dropping off materials on worksites, avoiding queue-jumping, disruptive parking, risky traffic, etc.
  • Reports on actual use of routes, lay-bys, disruptive parking, avoided driving times and other key KPIs.
  • Generation and control of site access authorization, with registration of license plates and driver identities on site.