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News of the construction of the Olympic Village Paris 2024


Since 2021, Mobility by Colas has been present at the Athletes' Village sites for Paris 2024 with the establishment, deployment and operation of a “last mile” logistics flow control service thanks to the use of the Qievo solution, renown Fluidéo for this project.

This service aims to provide the companies involved in the execution of the work with a "just-in-time" delivery organization, thus reducing the disturbances, nuisances and impacts for the inhabitants of the neighborhoods concerned.

A new flow management solution

Recently, Mobility by Colas has also implemented a new solution for managing flows related to the finishing work. Indeed, there is a need for parking or removal of equipment inside the worksites for businesses in order to limit the negative impacts (lineups, nuisance parking, risky traffic, etc.) in and around the worksite.

The features that have been implemented for the finishing work are:

1. Application Platform:

  • For parking: Authorized users can reserve a parking space depending on the company to which they belong in the quota allocated to it.
    To access the drop-off areas inside the worksites: users can request access to a drop-off area to drop off equipment inside the worksite where his company operates.

2. Generate site access authorization protocol related to the request for parking or access to a drop off area.

3. Control of permits to enter the site

4. Registration of licence plates and identities of drivers of vehicles authorized to enter the site.

5. Verification of parked vehicle clearances via license plate scan.

Key figures

  • 4 car parks available
  • 14 deposit areas
  • 450 parking spaces available
  • A flow of about a hundred vehicles per day for the second work