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Société du Grand Paris - Improve mobility around the Grand Paris Express worksites

Mobility by Colas has tested innovative solutions and services on the territory of Issy-les-Moulineaux impacted by the Grand Paris Express worksites.


As part of the development of the Grand Paris Express, the Société du Grand Paris has entrusted Mobility by Colas with a support mission to improve the accessibility of the place, in general and especially in this context of work. Committed to developing intelligent mobility solutions, Mobility by Colas led the So Mobility group (Cisco, Indigo, Issy Media and Transdev) to dialogue with project owners and pilot experiments. Mobility by Colas has thus played the role of integrator of multimodal mobility solutions adapted to the specificities of the territory of Issy-les-Moulineaux.

Mobility by Colas proposed an integrated solution addressing the following three issues:

  • A continuous route for users of the city or arriving in the area:
    • smart and connected parking, with guided access to the available spaces (on the road as well as in public parking),
    • multimodal transfer via the use of an autonomous shuttle,
  • Communication to residents and people in transfer, via the services and tools of the town hall, as well as the generation of quality data in «open» mode, taken over by applications for smartphones in startup mode (ParkingMap),
  • A sign co-constructed around the site place Léon Blum, to work on the acceptability of the site, with the residents.


Nearly 80 sensors from Aximum, a subsidiary of Colas, were installed on parking spaces in a car park and on the street. These sensors make it possible to inform users about the availability of parking spaces, via an application developed by a start-up, ParkingMap.