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Mobility by Colas wins a call for projects from the Île-de-France Region as part of Act 2 of the regional freight and logistics strategy


In July 2023, the Île-de-France Region unveiled the winners of its call for expressions of interest as part of Act 2 of its freight and logistics strategy, with new environmental dynamics at the heart of the project.

It awarded a grant to Mobility by Colas for the QIEVO.LU project, also supported by the Greater Paris Metropolis, in recognition of its commitment to implementing innovative solutions at the intersection of technology, transport and logistics, with a view to promoting the sharing of public space.

The regulation of deliveries, on a city, neighborhood or shopping street scale, helps to reduce traffic and the simultaneous parking of delivery vehicles during peak hours. Smoothing out deliveries over the course of the day, thought out on a collective scale, can therefore help relieve traffic congestion and optimize the use of public spaces linked to deliveries. For delivery drivers, it can reduce the time spent searching for parking spaces, while improving their working conditions (fewer conflicts of use, less stress, greater safety).

The QIEVO.LU project, carried out by Mobility by Colas with its partner AI Cargo Fondation, involves the design and testing of a collective tool for managing deliveries (in function), taking into account the constraints of shopkeepers. This tool is based on the principles of the QIEVO tool, developed by Mobility by Colas and deployed to ease mobility around two major urban construction sites with severe logistical supply constraints: the Part-Dieu district in Lyon and the Paris 2024 Olympic Athletes' Village in Saint-Denis and Saint-Ouen.

The QIEVO.LU service, promoted by the local authority, will function as a neighborhood delivery coordinator. It will enable businesses and logistical flow generators to enter their delivery requirements into a common tool. Based on trust and support, the tool will be used by users (retailers initially), who will be coached in its use.It will issue delivery instructions to retailers and other flow generators, so that they can pass them on to their suppliers and transport providers, or take them into account when planning their own deliveries.
These instructions will take into account:

  • Public space regulations,
  • Prioritization of deliveries according to the constraints of each flow generator,
  • A principle of time smoothing.

The expected benefits of this project are manifold: decongestion of traffic, predictability of flows, reduction of local nuisance, improvement of air quality and carbon footprint. The service will also enable better management of last-mile logistics, enabling better sharing of road space and optimal urban planning. What's more, this initiative will stimulate economic development in the target area.

The grant of 349,200 euros awarded by the Île-de-France Region will actively support the implementation of this pioneering initiative, which will be an integral part of the future of urban logistics in France.

About Mobility by Colas

Mobility by Colas, part of the Colas Group, offers disruptive, tailor-made services to improve the mobility of users, goods and merchandise. Mobility by Colas creates a digital bridge between users, mobility infrastructures and the development of public spaces.
In this way, Mobility by Colas brings together all the stakeholders in a region's public-private ecosystem to promote interaction and achieve a common goal: developing the region's attractiveness, optimizing mobility in urban and rural areas, improving road safety, and managing the first and last kilometers of mobility.


AI Cargo Foundation is a technological innovation cluster, designed to support the Transport & Logistics sector in its energy and environmental transition. The association relies on a data exchange platform and uses artificial intelligence to
develop a range of digital services to help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the logistics sector. AI Cargo provides a unique sovereign AI platform service in France, operated by a neutral trusted third party.

Its main areas of technological development are:

  • The energy transition in long-distance transport
  • Energy transition for urban logistics
  • Energy transition for vehicle fleets
  • Measuring the real carbon footprint of freight transport

For further information, please contact:


Fabrice Luriot
Mobility by Colas Director
Phone: +33 6 79 47 34 93
  Adeline Perroteau
Communication Manager
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